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Veer left and fuck right

My name is Jon Hawkins. Some call me Nigga Jon. I'm 18. Gonna be 19 pretty soon. I was born in Newport News, raised in the Bridge, and currently live in Manassas. Well actually more like Dumassas because it's the border of Dumfries and Manassas.

I actually am the guitarist of the band, but that doesn't matter much. I was the bassist of A Simpler Time if anyone remembers them and I was the bassist of a band called Downside/Drop Theory, but that's neither here nor there. I play guitar now. It's funny. I enjoy playing with Chris and Chad. We don't really have a genre, as cliche as that sounds, but it's true. We like it all and we try and do it all.

I play with a Ibanez Jet King II and have a Peavey 6505 Plus half stack on the way. In the meantime I'm using an old Crate Blue-voodoo stack, with a single working speaker in the cab and crappy tubes. However, it's kinda unique in a artsy way.

My fancy in music is grind(Dillinger Escape Plan, Daughters, Fuck...I'm Dead, The Number Twelve Looks Like You), but I'm influenced by a lot of different shit. I even have a hip-hop project I do.

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