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well, i was told to make an introduction for myself, so that i will.

my name's kt, i'm eighteen, and i live in lynchburg, virginia. i like infomercials and studying serial killers. i want to go into the CIA or teach english in japan. my favorite bands/musicians are brainiac, elliott smith, fugazi, and karate. i have 16+ cats [i lose count], cows, chickens, a dog that looks like a panda bear, and two donkeys [i live on a farm]. oh, and there's lieutenant whiskers. he's my gerbil comrade. he likes bill cosby and world domination. he doesn't like hippos though, because i bought him a house to sleep in that was in the shape of a hippo and he chewed off its face.

i guess that's about it. maybe other people can introduce themselves as well? i like getting to know people.
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